Jaaneman is an elegant boutique hotel in the bohemian heart of the Marrakech medina.

It is a refined oasis of urbane flamboyance and sophistication, a stone’s throw away from the timeless bustle of the souks and the vibrant rhythms of the city.

Classical style meets eclectic harmony in a soft symphony of delicate refinement, indulgent comfort and impeccably tailored service.

Jaaneman is an Indian word that literally means ‘Soul of Me’ but translates into ‘My love’ or ‘darling’. Swept away in the soft shadows of the ancient city where poetry flickers by candlelight, one can almost hear it whispered.

With the snow capped peaks of the Atlas Mountains painting the horizon in bold, eternal strokes and the lush greenery of the Dar el Bacha palace abundant in the foreground, this is one of the finest views in Marrakech.

Breakfast, lunch and dinner can be served on the terrace as well as in the courtyard and there is a sunbathing area where guests can relax in the sunshine before sipping a refreshing drink in the soft shade of the tent.